Summer Semester 22 Seminar – Sociobiology

  1. Humans are biological creatures. Being biological creatures, humans are significantly determined in their characteristics and actions by their inborn nature, which they inherit from their progenitors. Yet, human society also functions along other laws, namely those of politics, economics and culture.
  2. This fundamental dichotomy of human biology and human society has, for many centuries, occupied the minds of countless thinkers and led to the great debates of matter and spirit, nature and nurture. With the advancement of human genetic sciences, however, this debate seems to have finally come close to a preliminary end.
  3. This course provides a comprehensive overview on how human biology affects different aspects of society and culture. The importance and contemporary decline of average IQ, sex differences and the role of modern feminism in trying to abolish them, the study of group genetic differences and their cultural effects, and the unique quality of »genius« are just four among eight overarching topics that will be discussed in this course.
  4. The lecturer Edward Dutton was appointed Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the private Asbiro University (Łódź, Poland), is a research associate at Tabuk University (Saudi Arabia), and is Docent in the Anthropology of Religion and Finnish Culture at Oulu University (Finland). He has distinguished himself as an expert on the topics addressed in this course through numerous publications both individually and collaboratively.


  • The course consists of eight 90-minute video lectures. 
  • Supplementary reading material is listed in the curriculum.
  • After completion of the course, students are expected to be able to reproduce its main theoretical assertions, know key terminology, and be able to defend sociogenetic claims against common science-denialist assertions.
  • Furthermore, students who complete this course along the complementary introductory course on genetic science should be able to understand some of the current debates surrounding the addressed topics, read further literature, and thus deepen their levels and breadth of understanding on their own.



  • Due to the course being held in English and introducing complex topics alongside scientific terminology, it is primarily directed towards an academic audience with a high or (near-)native English language proficiency.
  • A broad overview on current issues surrounding society, cultural debates, sex & gender relationships, political developments, and historic contexts of Western societies is deemed necessary to meaningfully engage with the course’s contents.
  • During summer 2022, a complementary introductory course on human genetics will be released. That course will provide detailed scientific knowledge which is not necessary for partaking in this course but helpful for those interested to dig deeper. GegenUni students will have free and unlimited access to both courses, which can be taken in an arbitrary order.

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