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»Hello, hello, hello, and welcome to this edition of the Jolly Heretic!«

If you recognise these words as the iconic opener of Prof. Edward Dutton’s YouTube videos, you are right where you belong. This page serves as an entry to the first full-length lecture series of Prof. Dutton that is publicly available on the internet. If you are interested in a deeper and more detailed inquiry into the topics elaborated by the »Jolly Heretic« in his videos, this offer is for you.


Humans are biological creatures. Being biological creatures, humans are significantly determined in their characteristics and actions by their inborn nature, which they inherit from their progenitors. Yet, this knowledge is seldom included in popular or even undergraduate level studies of human society. Mainstream academic scholarship of the »soft« or social sciences – including, but not limited to, sociology, political science, social psychology, cultural anthropology, and economics – tends to either ignore these genetic findings, downplay their role, or straightforwardly reject their unwelcome intrusion into the social sphere as being »pseudo-science«.

This course aims to counter these various forms of science denial by providing a comprehensive overview on how human biology affects different aspects of society and culture. The importance and contemporary decline of average IQ, sex differences and the role of modern feminism in trying to abolish them, the study of group genetic differences and their cultural effects, and the unique quality of »genius« are just four among eight overarching topics that will be discussed in this course.

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8 lectures – over 10 hours of course material

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What we offer you here is a full-length video course held by Prof. Dutton that provides a comprehensive overview on questions of sociobiology and its various intersections with politics, religions, cultural phenomena, and social movements like feminism. The course includes eight 90-minutes lecture videos which are exclusive for our students.

Prof. Edward Dutton

The lecturer Edward Dutton was appointed Professor of Evolutionary Psychology at the private Asbiro University (Łódź, Poland), is a research associate at Tabuk University (Saudi Arabia), and is Docent in the Anthropology of Religion and Finnish Culture at Oulu University (Finland). He has distinguished himself as an expert on the topics addressed in this course through numerous publications both individually and collaboratively, such as The Genius Famine: Why We Need Geniuses, Why They’re Dying Out and Why We Must Rescue Them. (University of Buckingham Press, 2016), At Our Wit’s End: Why We’re Becoming Less Intelligent and What it Means for the Future (Exeter: Imprint Academic, 2018), and Making Sense of Race (Whitefish, MT: Washington Summit, 2020).


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